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De tot Multipreus Nagu / Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Redesign to enhance the visual impact of “De tot Multipreus Nagu”. It is a small shop placed in Algueña (Alicante) which offers different sort of products such as fashion jewellery, complements, gifts for events, stationery, toys, household good, cosmetics, among others. All of them have in common the low prices and the own brands labels.

The goal of this project is to show a fresh hint of modernity, but keeping the main elements of the brand which are usually recognized by the regular customers.

My proposal shows a design based on the combination of two different fonts to express freshness (handwriting font) but also professionalism (sans serif font). In addition, a turquoise hue has been chosen to match with the orange colour and provide to the brand a more lively and cheerful look. The purpose is to communicate an optimisitc feeling and happy spirit to catch the attention of new customers.

Besides the redesing of the brand, on the proyect you can see some brand corporate applications such as business card, stationery products, merchandising bags for campaigns, stamp design and vinyl design for the main door of “De tot Multipreus Nagu” shop.

Corporate Identity
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