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Jg MEDIA / Personal Branding

Creative process and personal brand design of “jg media” to promote the multimedia communication services of Juanma Gómez as a Multimedia Freelance Designer.

The aim of this project was to define a minimalist design to represent Juanma Gómez personality and his connection with Technology and Audiovisual Communication fields. In order to approach this purpose, the brand design is based on two elements “jg” and “MEDIA“. The monogram “jp” depicts the freelance name and MEDIA the kind of services which are offered. The result is a brand which symbolizes in one concept “professional freelance services + communication services”. In addition, the colour range highlights the relevance of these two elements. The bright green colour has been chosen to associate the brand with Computer Science and Technology. The black hue recalls sobriety, professionalism and modernity. The combination of these two colours stresses the expressiveness of the brand: “Jg MEDIA”.

The project shows also some brand applications such as business card, stationery elements and corporative online design applications.

Corporate Identity
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